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We offer custom events for groups  - corporate events, birthday parties, kitchen teas, etc

- BUBBLES & BLOOMS Flower Picking (November - end March) : minimum charge for groups on custom dates. This includes a glass (or a few) of champers, flower picking where each guest cuts a set number of stems in our organic flower land. Guests can wander through our flower land, soak in the scenery and cut blooms with their group.

- BOKKIES & BEER | BABY GOAT Bottle Feeding and Farm walk:  (July - October):  Bring your crew for 2 hours of playing with our hansie (hand -reared hansie baby) angora goats. A huge hit with children longing for the farm life, and way to connect with animals. The goat farmer Neil will take you for a walk to search for new born baby goats in the lands nearby. 

- FLOWER CROWN Workshop with our dried flowers and botanicals

(Year round): Book a Flower Crown workshop where each guest makes their own dried flower crown under the guidance of the flower farmer Karen. A wonderful way to connect with friends or for Moms  & daughters.

We can customise your event to your needs  - and offer catering / picnic style catering.

Please email us  on for rates and bookings.

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