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  • Chincherinchees


    Ornithogalum thyrsoides is a bulb indigenous to South Africa. To be planted in Autumn/ winter (May - July in Southern Hemisphere) and they will flower in October - December.

    An incredibly long lasting flower which opens up along the flower spike as it matures.


    Also called 'Star of Bethlehem' and these flowers hold strong memories for many in South Africa - whose grannies used to grow them. Ornithogalum comes from the Greek words meaning bird (orni) and milk (gala) = 'bird's milk'.


    PACK SIZE: 20 bulbs in a pack


    All planting info is on the packaging.

    PLANTING TIP: Prefers well draining sandy soil.

    HARVEST TIP: Harvest when the bottom few flowers start to open up. The upper flowers will open up in the vase and last from 2-3 weeks.