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Mindful Colouring Seed Collection
  • Mindful Colouring Seed Collection


    Our Mindful Colouring seed Collection aims to remind you to slow down, and be present. Each seed pack envelope can be lovingly coloured in, using hte pencil crayons in custom bag included.

    You then plant your seeds, and you can plant the seed envelope with your seeds, giving your good intentions out into the world as your seeds grow into beautiful flowers.

    (Or display them in a frame, with colour variations for each pack!).

    Keep the colouring pencils in your bag for future colouring and as a reminder to stay mindful of moments in your day.


    The seeds included in this pack are easy to grow starter seeds:

     - Chocolate Lace

    - Scabiosa

    - Open pollinated sunflowers

    - California zinnia mix

    - Basil