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Daffodil | Heirloom Narcissus REPLETE
  • Daffodil | Heirloom Narcissus REPLETE


    Replete is a stunner! Double layers of white petals around a pink centre. The inner petals become 'pinker' as the flower ages. Atrue delight to see these lovely ladies popping up at the beginning of spring. They really do mark the start of spring! And oh - their fragrance!


    There are 5 bulbs in each pack, and the bulbs will multiply year on year.


    PLANT: in autumn/ early winter in semi-shade.


    TIP: When harvesting, pull gently, don't cut stems, in order to gain an additional few centimetres of stem length (see our instagram stories for the video).


    PLEASE NOTE: Daffodil bulbs will ship in the 3rd - 4th week of March