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Daffodil | Heirloom Narcissus MOUNT HOOD
  • Daffodil | Heirloom Narcissus MOUNT HOOD


    Mount Hood is a larger single flower head - buttercup shaped and beautiful white. One of the largest narcissus and a strong grower with long stems. He holds up well in an arrangement and is sturdy.

    A single layer of white petals around a central 'cup'.

    The true mark of the beginning of spring - Mount Hood trumpets Spring's arrival.


    There are 5 bulbs in each pack, and the bulbs will multiply year on year.


    PLANT: in autumn/ early winter in semi-shade.



    TIP: When harvesting, pull gently, don't cut stems, in order to gain an additional few centimetres of stem length (see our instagram stories for the video).