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Heirloom Hyacinth | White

Heirloom Hyacinth | White


Hyacinths are the backbone of spring bulbs and white symbolises love and prayer.

Fabulously fragrant they will lift your winter spirits! Cone shaped and made up of lots little flowers for interest and intrigue.

Staggering their planting e.g. plant one bulb every 2 weeks, will allow for an extended fragrance period.

To force indoors, place pebbles& grit at the bottom of a bowl. The bulbs to be placed on top so that their base roots can start to touch the water. Place in an area with high light and place moss on top. These will fill your home with natural fragrance.


There are 3 bulbs in each pack, and the bulbs will multiply year on year.


PLANT: in autumn/ early winter in pot outdoors, planted into the ground 5cm deep. Or forced indoors.